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Our research covers a number of areas that can have had major influence to the sinking scenario. The result is presented in due time as independent reports covering the specific subject of the research. A report is only presented when our conclusion regarding the subject in conclusive. Other information regarding the proceed in any research area is not revealed. Below some of the major research areas are described.

"Leakage through the hull"

"The watertight doors"

"Stability and simulation of capsize as a result from different scenarios" - Seminar papers presented by University of Strathclyde and Maritime Research Institute - 2000.05.29 The International MV Estonia Seminar

"Collision with an other ship or object"

"Collision with a mine"

"Sinking as a result of sabotage"

"Loss of shell plating"

"Fire and or explosion onboard"

"Other damages on the hull and in the ship" - Seminar paper - 2000.05.29 The International MV Estonia Seminar

"Impossible visor scenario" - Report - 2000.01.01

"Recovery damage to the visor" - Report - 2000.05.01

"Was the ramp closed or open"

"Course and speed during the voyage"

"How many people managed to escape the ship"

"Plots of the rescue ships positions during the accident night"

"Forgery to hide lack of seaworthiness" - Report - 1999.06.14

"Forgery and censoring of statements made by witnesses"

"Forgery of conclusions in ordered expert reports submitted to the JAIC"