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Background to Investigations

The need for Independent Investigations of governments, authorities, organizations and public or private enterprises has been identified as very important. The reason is simple, the individuals right and safety in all different aspects are at risk. Often the individual have no or small chance to protect his interest, why he simply has to stand any risk or harassment.

In the case of MV Estonia it is clear that a large number of individuals had to offer their life as a consequence of incompetence from authorities that were to inspect the safety standard on board the ship. The same authorities continue to "inspect" the safety on other ferries today, without any actions taken to correct the problems within the authority.

It is important that we, the individuals in the society can trust the government, authorities and other actors that have any influence over us in any situation. Therefore the Independent Fact Group has continued to pinpoint areas of special interest, where it is obvious that a large number of individual's are at risk. Investigations like the one into the MV Estonia disaster are to be performed. You will be able to follow the result of the investigations here on our site.