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REPORT: Investigation of M/V Amorella 2001.05.27, Viking Line


 Name of ship:  M/V Amorella
 IMO No.  -
 Call Sign:  OIWS 7
 Captain:  -
 Flag:  Finland
 Length:  169,4 m
 Breadth:  27,6 m
 Draught:  6,35 m
 Gross tonnage:  34.384
 Engines:  24.000 kW (Wärtsilä Pielstick)
 Speed:  21,5 knot
 Built:  1988, Brodosplit, Croatia
 Ice class:  1A -SUPER
 Total capacity:  2480 persons (including crew?)
 Car deck loading:  450 cars, alternatively 41 trailers
 Rescue boat No.1:  1 marked for 10 persons, in total 10 persons
 MOB boat No.2:  1 marked for 26 persons, in total 26 persons
 Lifeboats No.3-6:  4 marked for 150 persons, in total 600 persons
 Lifeboats No.7-8:  2 marked for 90 persons, in total 180 persons
 Liferafts with davit:  71, marked for 25 persons, in total 1775 persons
 Marine evacuation system (MES):  2, each with 8 liferafts for 50 persons, in total 800 persons
 Total capacity liferafts, boats and MES:  3391 persons

General opinion of the ship:

The ship gave an impression of being normally maintained, not counting some of the lifesaving appliances as described in this report. The public areas that could be inspected were generally clean and tidy except for the outer decks where there was a lot of litter on deck.

The crew at the information that we spoke with regarding some of the life saving appliances gave the impression of being very unsecure and not familiar with these appliances. The ship was equipped with two rather new marine evacuation stations (MES), but when we tried to find those stations only the one on the port side on deck 7 was easy to find. As this station was located just behind the information we asked about the MES system there. Our questions were:

"Regarding the new MES stations we have found that there are 8 liferafts on each side on open deck 9, but we can only find one MES station inside the ship here just behind the information. Why?"

The female crew in the information answered "The liferafts will be towed from the starboard side to the MES station on the port side."

Then we asked; "Is it correct that there is only one MES station on the ship?"

The crew then went in behind the information desk and spoke with an other crew member who confirmed they should tow the extra liferafts from the starboard side to the MES station at the other side in case of an emergency.

We then pointed out that this cannot be in accordance with the regulations, and they answered that they did not know any more about it, that this is what they have been told. Later, when we left the ship at the port in Stockholm we found the starboard MES station on deck 5 just where you disembark the ship. The station was not easy to spot from the public spaces why we had missed to locate it. Obviously it was hard to spot also for the crew.

You can also see an excerpt of a "safety information folder" received on board

and a leaflet "General alarm" regarding the evacuation routines on board

Certificates and survey:

We did not check the certificates on the ship.

Relevant instruments for this survey:

Safety of Life at Sea 1974, consolidated edition 2001 (SOLAS)

International Lifesaving Appliance Code (LSA)

The International Regulations for Avoiding Collisions at Sea (COLREG)



Watertight doors:

Watertight doors (bulkheads) on the cardeck:

The ship was equipped with doors (movable bulkheads from side to side) on the cardeck that should be closed at sea. The doors were installed in accordance with the "Stockholm-agreement" to protect the ship from water freely flooding the deck in the event of an accident. The doors were marked "TO BE CLOSED AT SEA" and they should be closed in place, before the ship leaves the berth and remain in place and secured until the ship is at its next berth.

Muster plans and other postings:


SOLAS C III, Reg. 22, 1.1
SOLAS C III, Reg. 7, 1.1 - 1.4


SOLAS C III, Reg. 7, 2.2.2


Picture 7: Lifeboat launching instruction

Picture 9: Liferaft magazine procedure instruction missing

Picture 10: Davit instructions missing

Marine evacuation system (MES):

Two Marine evacuation systems had been installed, one on each side of the ship. The evacuation and muster station for the MES was inside the ship on deck 7 (port side) and deck 5 (starboard side). The 8 liferafts serving each of those stations were stowed on outer deck 9 on each side of the ship.

See "General opinion of the ship" in the beginning of this report.

Lantern installation:

Picture 12: Incorrect lantern installation

Picture 13: We have edited this picture to show a correct installation (yellow arrows)

Picture 14: M/V Amorella

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