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REPORT 1999.10.24


 Name of ship:  M/S Prince of Scandinavia
 IMO No.  7361312
 Call Sign:  OVRY2
 Captain:  Larsen
 Flag:  Denmark
 Length:  184,36 m
 Breadth:  24,40 m
 Draught:  6,44 m
 Gross tonnage:  22.528
 Engines:  46.600 BHP
 Built:  1975, Lübeck
 Rebuilt:  1990 / 1991
 Total capacity:  1692 persons
 Car deck loading, length:  1820 m (379 cars)
 MOB-boats:  2, no marking of number of persons (25 ?)
 Lifeboats:  10, marked for 94 persons
 Liferafts with davit:  10, marked for 25 persons
 Liferafts without davit launching:  30, marked for 25 persons



General opinion of the ship

The ship gave an impression of being normally maintained, not counted the life-saving appliances, described in this report. The public areas that could be inspected were generally clean and tidy. Areas on deck 9 and upper deck 10 around the funnel were rusty on deck platings. Those decks were not normally open for passengers. During the night areas with both lifeboats and liferafts were closed by unlocked gates. The emergency lighting for muster stations at deck 8 aft were not satisfactory.

The manning of the ship was not satisfactory. When visiting the bridge the (second?) mate was not familiar with the "mimic" panel for the watertight doors, in fact he did not understand what it was until explained by us. And even after he was unsure how it worked. On the question what channels they listened to, he replied after a while, yes, we are listening. We asked if it was normal that only one officer was at the bridge, and the mate said that it was the case, even during the night, but then it also were a seaman there for lookout.

The Captain entered and we asked him the same question regarding the "mimic" panel for the watertight doors. He did not understand the question but started to describe all doors on different decks. Finally he answered our question, and he said that all the watertight doors were open always at sea. We asked in detail if the green lights on the "mimic" panel showed that the doors were open or closed. He answered that the green lights indicate that the doors are open, this is the way it should be, he said.



Certificate 1:
Permit for carriage of passenger.

Capacity 1692 . (unclear if including crew)
Expire 19.03.2000.

Certified by Danish Sjöfartsstyrelsen


Certificate 2:
Safety Management Certificate.

Gross ton: 22.528
Company: DFDS

Certified by Danish Sjöfartsstyrelsen




SOLAS C-1, Reg 16

1. ITC (International Tonnage Certificate)
2. LL (International Load Line Certificate)
3. Certificate for Masters, officers or ratings.
4. PSCC (Passenger Ship Safety Certificate)
5. Exemption certificates (all watertight doors to be permanently open)

SOLAS Annex 3


(Subdivision and stability, machinery and electrical installations)

Watertight doors:

SOLAS CII-1, Reg 15,
SOLAS CII-1, Reg 15, 9.1, 9.2, 9.3

SOLAS CII-1, Reg 15, 8.3

SOLAS CII-1, Reg 15, 8.2

SOLAS C II-1, Reg 20-3

SOLAS C II-1, Reg 20-2, 2.2
SOLAS C II-1, Reg 20-3

SOLAS C II-1, Reg 20-2, 2.2


(Fire protection, fire detection and fire extinction)

Escape routes:


SOLAS C II-2, Reg 28-1, 1.2

SOLAS C II-2, Reg 28-1, 1.3

SOLAS C II-2, Reg 28-1, 1.3

Picture 1. Loose heavy ash-pot in concrete standing on plastic floor covering. Floor covering secured here on forward upper deck 8.

Picture 2. Loose heavy ash-pot in concrete standing on plastic floor covering. Floor covering not secured on deck 7 or other decks.

SOLAS C II-2, Reg 28-1, 1.3

SOLAS C II-2, Reg 28-1, 1.6


Muster plans and other postings:

SOLAS CII-2, Reg 28-1, 1.7

Picture 3. "Mimic" plan / Muster list, format approx. 35 x 50 cm. Only vertical escape route shown.


Picture 4. Deck plan, format approx. 70 x 100 cm. No muster stations shown, no escape routes shown. Note also that picture 3 and 4 are from the same place, aft hall on deck 7 with "you are here" indicated with a red dot at the same place. However the small muster list show the ship correctly seen from port side, while the deck plan show the ship from starboard side. Confusing.


Picture 5. Donning of lifejackets. This information should be posted together with the muster list and be with proper heading.

SOLAS CIII, Reg 18, 3.3
SOLAS CIII, Reg 8.2, Reg 8.4


Fire safety:

SOLAS CII-2, Reg 21

SOLAS C II-2, Reg 30, 3




Should be:
12 with light (is 13)
2 with buoyant lifeline (is 4, however lifelines does not fulfil requirement of non-kinking type).
2 with light should also be with smoke (is 2)

SOLAS C III, Reg 21, 1.1
SOLAS C III, Reg 31, 4.1


Picture 6. Buoyant lifelines of should be of non-kinking type.

Picture 7. Detail kinking lifeline.



SOLAS C III, Reg 7, 2.1.1 (number of..)
SOLAS C III, Reg 32, 1.6 (marking of..)

LSA (marking of..)
LSA (marking of..)

Picture 8. Two of totally four approved lifejackets for children.

Picture 9. "Children" (BARN), Adult, Approved children.

Picture 10. Regular adult lifejackets stamped with "BARN", swedish for children.


SOLAS C III, Reg 32, 1.6


SOLAS C-III, Reg 30, 1.4


Embarkation ladders

SOLAS CIII, Reg 19, 2
SOLAS CIII, Reg 30, 2.8

Picture 11. Not possible to uncover due to tight rope and knots.



SOLAS CIII, Reg 47, 1.4
SOLAS CIII, Reg 20, 2.1


SOLAS C III, Reg 41, 9.3




Picture 12. Rope-ladders that will float. Seating positions in lifeboats are not marked.

SOLAS C III, Reg 41, 9.3

SOLAS C III, Reg 41, 2.3


SOLAS C III, Reg 48, 2.4


Picture 13. Only one (1 !) winch crank for manual recovery of lifeboats found on each side (serving 6 lifeboats).

Picture 14. Empty winch crank holders on all other lifeboat davits. Handle "A" is release for lifeboat launching.

SOLAS C III, Reg 41, 6.7


Picture 15. Launching instruction for lifeboats.

Picture 16. Detail of launching instruction. Illustrations does not correspond with the actual launching control mechanism that is covered behind railing. The release handle "A" is not in correspondence or position as on the ship. See also picture14.




Picture 17. Davit launching instruction for liferafts. Complicated to understand. Instructions written on white, format approx. 50 x 70 cm. Posted on aluminium plate on the white bulkhead.

SOLAS CIII, Reg 20, 1.2.1

SOLAS CIII, Reg 20, 1.2.2

Picture 18. Embarkation stations aft. Foundations that probably were ment for launching appliances.