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Once again the world is struck of an outrageous catastrophe, this time in form of a number of terrorist attacks on targets in the USA

The catastrophe

Thousands of lives has again been lost in a catastrophe with proportions and influence that is almost impossible to apprehend or overview. During a few hours on the 11 of September 2001 our world and conception of the same changes dramatically into chaos both in reality and thought. We do not believe what we see although we follow it on line, something that affect most of us all over the world in a new and direct way.

Catastrophes happen daily and have done so through out the history, with millions of lives lost. Sometimes in war, accidents, cataclysms, earthquakes, or like this time, in the form of terror attacks.

The immediate reaction- it can't be true!

But it is true, it happens just there in front of us, and we can't do anything about it but watch. On scene an enormous rescue operation is started, fire department, police and others are called in, not knowing that within an hour hundreds of them have lost their lives trying to rescue those trapped in the buildings. The catastrophe becomes a fact and the future has been forced on to a new track.

Now, in searching the truth, what happened exactly, who did it and why? How could it go so wrong? Why were there no warnings? Why didn't the military stop it? How come, that the intelligence didn't know anything of what was coming? How many lost their lives? There can be a newer ending line of questions where not all of them will get their answers, but still all of us want true explanations and trustworthy answers. First thereafter, life slowly can return to normal for many of those directly affected from the terror attacks.

In the shadow of this outrageous catastrophe we continue to bring light on the need to investigate the shipwreck of M/V Estonia that took over 852 lives the 28 September 1994. The questions are much the same, questions that call for true explanations and trustworthy answers. Also then the future was forced on to a new track, that time regarding the safety at sea. This track has still in 2001 shown to be a dead end not leading anywhere until a new independent international investigation is at hand.


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